Annual data are supposed to render stakeholders and neighbors a snapshot of the season that just taken place

Page from YWCA Madisona€™s CEO

Annual documents were made to provide stakeholders and pals a snapshot of the season that just taken place. Because I sit-down and consider the 12 months, 2020, ita€™s tough to know where to begin. Through this report, you’ll see rates and music charts. Even though this should show the great influence of YWCA Madison, it wona€™t reveal the level of every operate of service, every guy housed, or the energy of a restorative justice circle. It wona€™t reveal the power of studying at our personal Racial Justice Summit and the simple operate of stitching 100 goggles for home buyers. I am just proud of how extended YWCA Madisona€™s results happens to be, but additionally how deeper.

Our mission try reducing racism, empowering lady, and providing calm, fairness, freedom, and dignity for those. 2020 not simply called on people to grow the activity our company happens to be part of, but it also called on us all to make inwards and attend to one another as males requiring added safety and help. We struggled jointly, you rejoiced with each other, we all pivoted, but we held the entrances available and our very own software going. Many of us worked practically, some people had been on frontlines, many of us has both. We had been all united in YWCA Madisona€™s provided standards of group, humankind, expansion, and recovery.

To distill 2020 down into a written report, really, it is not easy to perform. None the less, I ask you to satisfy set aside a second to check out all of our results. But understand that the stories, folks, the assumption in humanitya€¦thata€™s what propels us. We know thata€™s just what drives your, all of our followers, volunteers, participants, donors, plan couples. Thank you so much for waiting around.

Really, Vanessa McDowell, Chief Executive Officer


Program Locations Snapshots

Battle and sex assets at a Glance

YWCA Madisona€™s run & Gender Equity tools help everyone and companies to interrupt institutionalized racism and sexism while building data and expertise to center, deepen and broaden assets and that belong inside their personal, pro, and organizational ways. For two decades, the fly and sex collateral division at YWCA Madison makes opportunities for big racial fairness training and unlearning, and in addition gives collective asking solutions for transformative changes that centers, deepens and broadens racial justice, resources and that belong within firm techniques and taste.

Occupations & transport at a Glance

YWCA Madison raises the monetary useful personal couples and all of our group. Economic empowerment converse to an individuala€™s ability to making tactical selections, augment type economy, and adjust active electricity buildings that induce obstacles to economical fairness. Financial empowerment is over basically using an occupation. Our intent should make economical justice that equals assets and paleness. YWCA Madison achieves these purpose by giving job and exercise products and safe travel assistance.

Housing & protection quickly

People need the place to contact homea€”a safer destination and structure from assault, a spot to be in and also be nurtured. YWCA Madison has actually developed several service that handle this demand and help female and their couples get a hold of reliability in a supportive and compassionate planet. Through internal products (at 101 E. Mifflin neighborhood) and additional products (through the Greater Madison room), YWCA Madison is actually a leader in lodging and support families while they browse through their own quest towards dependable cover.

Restorative Justice quickly

YWCA Madisona€™s Restorative Justice programs normally takes a recovery based solution, instead a punitive one. Through direct facilities, meeting and guidance, and curated Restorative Justice training has, we cultivates anti racist, abolitionist, decolonizing healing spots for kids, class personnel, parents/families, plus the society. YWCA Madisona€™s Restorative Justice group maintains an acute concentrate on the ideas and requires of Black, local, and kids of design and teens along with marginalized personal information simply because they get around and are also relying on software of subjection and racism in universities plus the people. You utilize exercise of group keeping to make associations and community, to react to harm/conflict, and cultivate collective treatment in provided worth. We coordinates Restorative Justice execution in a large amount middle schools and receives referrals from Madison law enforcement to get together again conflicts and problems triggered to and by youths without having to use process of law, correction, or exclusionary ways that operate to replicate and reinforce hurt and generally results in much more contrast.

Listings of 2020 Supporters

Empowerment world customers have got transformed their warmth and help of YWCA Madisona€™s objective into motion through a five-year annual oblige. These unhindered products push stableness allowing people to become attentive to group specifications and options. Thank-you!

We are now happy on the men and women furnished ample assistance to YWCA Madison. Over 235 contributor in addition earned contributions of $99 or little and many donors provided anonymously. YWCA Madison solicits donations in a number of methods: occasions, mailers, on-line initiatives, group meetings and plans. It doesn’t matter how their help appear our very own ways, we all enjoy it! Thanks a ton!

YWCA Madison works with corporations, foundations, communities, and national associations that can help farther along our personal goal. With respect to girls, little ones, and family members, all of us salute our very own partners and funders with heartfelt, Thanks!

Members of YWCA Madisona€™s heritage Our society were people that are element of YWCAa€™s destiny. These considerate males and females prefer to create the planet an improved location through her legacy presents which will help safeguard and grow the project of YWCA Madison for ages. Thanks a lot!

We motivate one check with your financial advisor and/or tax professional to assist you in making a thoughtful and effective estate plan. Dealing with these gurus will enable you to fully assess personal and household issues worth addressing for you, together with your dreams for virtually every non-profit contribution to YWCA Madison.

If you desire additional information on signing up with YWCA Madisona€™s Legacy country or generating a non-profit contribution, satisfy communications Jill Pfeiffer at 608-257-1436, choice 2.

*YWCA Madisona€™s yearly state can be found toward the pubic.