One relaxing way to celebrate love is by booking you and your partner a facial treatment. While facials are known as a feminine activity, men can do it too! Imagine you get to enjoy time with your partner at the same time pampering yourself. Facials will give you both time to clear your mind, re-energize and de-stress.

So sit back as we narrow down which facial services are perfect for your next date night.

Total Rejuvenating Facial

In order for your relationship to work out, it must be kept healthy – same goes with the skin. After a week of not seeing each other, pamper both your skins with Total Rejuvenation Facial which a complete facial session designed for all skin types. This facial invigorates the skin – keeping it firm, luminous and of course, clean from superficial blemishes.

Intense Whitening Facial

You may have heard people how people literally glow and bloom when in love. Double up your glow with Intense Whitening Facial, a non-invasive treatment that gently exfoliates surface cells and diminishes blemishes. Say goodbye to dull skin and flaunt bright skin complexion!

Anti-aging Facial

You definitely have plans of growing old with your partner but we bet you do not have plans of looking old. True to its name, you can feel young again with the Anti-aging Facial.  It nourishes and revitalizes the skin by diminishing signs of skin aging. These include superficial fine lines, skin dullness, dryness, and uneven skin tone. It also moisturizes the skin to keep in essential nutrients. After all, you both were once young lovers.

 Collagen Firming Facial

You love your partner from the skin to gut and this how you would want to take care of both your skin. So here we are introducing to you Collagen Firming Facial. Collagen is a bodily protein that promotes skin elasticity and production of these slow down with age.  Formulated with collagen ,this facial promotes elasticity and firmness of the skin – something synonymous to a relationship that does not give wrinkles!

Crystal Facial

Sparkly and stunning crystals are often believed to have an effect on relationships. There is another crystal you would want in your relationship – Crystal Facial! Crystal Facial aids in removing dead skin cells with the use of natural diamond chips. It restores the suppleness, vibrancy and youthful glow of the skin. You both now definitely have something to ward off bad auras – blemishes, that is.

Contouring Facial

Sagging skin is one of life’s cruel humors which can gravely affect relationships especially when you want to always look your best for your partner. To lift your skin and spirits up, why don’t you give Contouring Facial a shot?  Contouring Facial is a painless procedure that uses ultrasound technology to encourage penetration of topical slimming product for tighter and contoured skin. Let your skin be one of the few exhibits of your tight relationship.

After you have tried one of these, you may end up wondering why you have not considered facial an activity for couples. You might even catch your partner steal a kiss on your cheek after a treatment!

A trip to a dermatological center does not only mean facial treatments, but you may also get professional skin advice, skin tips, and trick which you can bring home where you and your partner can care for each other’s skin.