Learning how to protect your hair is just as essential when you slather on sunscreen on your skin. We outlined a summer hair guide to help you with summer hair struggles.

Avoid excessive heat

Your skin is not the only body part that is exposed to UV rays. The sun can damage the hair causing it to dry, fade color and be brittle. Avoid excessive heat exposure by wearing hats, bandanas or scarves. There are also hair products that contain SPF to protect the hair from UV rays.

This also includes skipping the heating tool used to style the hair. Blow dryers, flat irons, and hair curlers should generally be avoided to prevent further damage. Doing these shall help keep the hair and scalp’s moisture.

Opt for a loose, comfortable style

A sleek ponytail and a tight bun are classic hairstyles that never go out of style. However, these hairstyles might be damaging the hair with a pull and tear especially during summer when the hair is usually dry.

Get creative and wear your hairstyle in a loose, care-free way! This will keep frizzy hair at bay and will make you feel cooler by keeping your hair off your face and neck.

Always condition your hair

Our hair could extremely dry and go wild during the summer, so it is important to tame it with hair products to keep the moisture in. This will keep the hair smooth and frizz-free. Use hair masks or leave-on conditioners to give the hair a deeper level of moisture and hair serums to restore hair ends.

Go for a hair treatment

Summer is a great time to go for a hair treatment. Opt for a clarifying treatment that helps cleanse off oil and grime caused by the hot weather and pollution.

One exceptional service that is worth the try is the Haircial treatment. This uses massage therapy to relieve muscle tension in the scalp. It is perfect for summer as it helps control the formation of dandruff. This treatment also makes use of Minoxidil to promote hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. The scalp and hair are thoroughly cleaned for a fresher feel.

Follow these tips to maintain your hair healthy this summer. No more tangles, no more stress!

Haircial treatment is available in all Dermclinic branches. To book your Haircial appointment, log on to www.dermclinic.com.ph or message us at @dermclinicph on Facebook and Instagram.