1. Haircial
Haircial uses a massage therapy to relieve muscle tension in your scalp and to control the formation of dandruff. It is then followed by an application of minoxidil to promote hair growth. Once you avail of this service, it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and eliminates toxins through sweating.

2. Supreme Hair & Scalp Therapy
Supreme Hair and Scalp Therapy is an advanced dermatological program customized to address hair and scalp problems. With the use of therapeutic hair care products and dermal stamping method, the program is designed to: Protect and repair the hair follicles, strengthen the roots and hair structure, nourish and improve blood circulation in the scalp, promote healthy environment for hair growth and support hair function in areas of low density.

3. S-Cell Hair Growth System
Supreme Hair and Scalp Therapy can be upgraded to S-Cell Hair Growth System, a more superior hair and scalp care program. This procedure uses microneedling technology to boost the function and effects of stem cells and Minoxidil F, thus, significantly accelerating hair growth.