Before we rang in 2019, we presume that you have made your New Year’s Resolutions such as eating healthy or living zero waste among others. Though the year has started, it is not too late to come up with more feasible resolutions – for instance, skin resolutions.

Smaller activities such as those listed below shall help you kick start your skin care journey this 2019. Keep these in mind and you will see that beautiful skin is achievable.

  1. Wear sunscreen or sunblock daily

Remember that when the sun is up – or whenever you are exposed to any source of light, it is time to put on sunscreen. Protect your skin from premature aging and other skin issues by devoting time applying broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Level up your sun protection with NuDerm Moisturizing Sunblock SPF 40 and SPF 80 for superior coverage against the sun. Do you know what else is good about this sunblock? It is non-comedogenic so it will not clog your pores!

NuDerm Moisturizing Sunblock SPF40

NuDerm Moisturizing Sunblock SPF80

  1. Make clean skin your thing

Always start and end your day with clean skin. Reach for a gentle facial cleanser that is suitable for all skin type. Avoid a beauty faux pas by removing your make up before hitting bed – or else you would clog your pores and wake up with an unwanted zit.

Go gentle with your skin while keeping it clean with a hypoallergenic cleanser such as NuDerm Supreme Mild Wash Lotion. Complete your regimen by saturating cotton pads with NuDerm Supreme Lightening Clarifiance Toner to remove accumulated sebum on your skin.

NuDerm Supreme Mild Wash Lotion

NuDerm Supreme Lightening Clarifiance Toner

  1. Make applying a moisturizer a priority

Same with sunblock, moisturizer is a product you might want to use regularly regardless of your skin type. Moisturizers maintain the skin’s balanced hydration and if the skin senses that it’s too dry, it will over-produce oil. With that in mind, an oily skin may be dehydrated.

You would want to get your hands on NuDerm Supreme Revitalizing Moisturizer for superior skin hydration. Say goodbye to dry and dull skin, and say hello to a more nourished skin!

NuDerm Supreme Revitalizing Moisturizer

  1. Get good sleep

Rest can greatly impact the appearance and feel of your skin. Our shuteye aids in the skin’s repair, helping it regain its natural barrier function. Getting the right amount of sleep may also slow down the skin’s aging process.

Remember, beauty sleep is an essential secret to keeping the skin healthy.

  1. Throw out expired products

Do not be the reason why your skin will hate you! Destashing skincare and even makeup may make your heart break but your skin will thank you for it.

Stop making excuses such as “It’s still unused,” “I’ll use it soon,” or “Do you realize how expensive this is?” Old products lose their effectiveness, may cause an irritation or allergic reaction and lead to skin infections.

  1. Take a trip to the dermatologist

The best way to treat your skin or to keep it in its healthy state is to have your skin assessed by a dermatologist. Their expertise on hair and skin would give you a tailored advice about your condition.

Dermatologists in the Philippines are now easily accessible thanks to mall-based clinics, one of which is the pioneer: Dermclinic. Patients entering the clinics are attended to by professional dermatologists so a personalized program is created to properly treat their skin concerns.