The Christmas Season is a time for get-together with all the reunions, Christmas parties, and year-end celebrations together with family, friends, and colleagues. With all the socialization going on, there is a tendency to put aside skin care and hop in your bed to finally take a rest. This is a no-no because this could lead to skin mishaps such as breakouts and dry skin among others.

Previously, we listed five skincare products that are your skincare partners for the holidays. Aside from using those products, we found more ways to take care of your skin now that the weather is colder.

  1. Eat your fruits and vegetables

It is common knowledge that eating fruits and vegetables help in maintaining healthy skin. All the more that fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidant are in season; helping you fight against free radicals and skin aging. Specific fruits and vegetables contain Vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, and selenium that help healthy skin cell production, boosts collagen formation, nourish and protect skin from free radicals. Fruits and vegetables also help you retain more water to stay hydrated.


  1. Drink enough water

Salty food, sugary drinks and alcohol are staples of holiday parties. These are also sources of body and skin dehydration, aside from the cold weather. Drinking water is the immediate cure to skin dehydration as two-thirds of a cell is made of water.


Drinking water also flushes out toxins that can cause rashes, dry and flaky skin and, acne among other negative skin reactions. Replenishing with water also keeps the skin elastic and buoyant which are signs of young and healthy skin.


  1. Cover Exposed Skin with non-irritating clothes

When in extremely cold areas, exposed skin is at risk of immediate drying as moisture is sapped from the skin. Wearing softer clothes with natural fibers such as cotton is recommended as synthetic fibers can irritate cold and dry skin.


  1. Cleanse quickly and thoroughly after parties

Avoid a breakout when you wake up! Squeeze a quick me-time after parties to wash the accumulated grime made up of sweat, makeup, and debris. And as much as you want to scrub away all the dirt, it is still best to thoroughly use a gentle face wash.


  1. Essentially do not miss out on skin care

The trick here is to truly condition yourself that the holiday is also me-time and this is your skin we are talking about. With all the parties happening, the only way to come out of the season fresh-faced is by doing a prevention and cure skin care. It means prepping the face with masks before your big soiree and going for deep cleansing right after. For skin care that needs much effort such as the combination of exfoliation, nourishment and hydration, you can do it at least once a week for your skin’s ultimate refreshment.

These are simple and doable ways to keep the skin in its healthy state for the holiday season, so no excuses for skipping skin care! As we ring in the New Year, go for an indulging skin treat to start the year right.