Skin that is marred with pigmentations or unwanted tattoos is generally an unsightly view.  It can affect one’s self-confidence or worse, remind them of an already ended relationship. Fret not as the restoration of the skin’s lucidity is now possible with the advances in dermatological technology.

With countless of laser services available, how do we know which one fits best with our skin needs? Nd Yag Laser equipment is specially designed to treat an array of skin pigmentations. Freckles, age spots and birthmarks, pigmentations caused by allergies, acne, infections or injury are some of the skin conditions that Nd Yag Laser can treat. Additionally, this laser helps in the removal of tattoos.

The laser does not only help the skin look clearer, but it also keeps it healthy by doing wonders beyond the surface of the skin. Nd Yag Laser can improve skin type, whitens, tightens and deeply cleanses the skin and lastly, delays the deterioration of skin cells.

Do you have skin pigmentations that you want examined? Visit a Dermclinic branch near you. Nd Yag Laser is currently available in Dermclinic branches situated in SM Pampanga and SM Cebu.