Skin care can be seen as a little self-love project. It involves research, a mixture of various products and a little trial and error before you find the perfect products and routine that suits you. Just like all relationships, self-love and skin care is not a one size fits all.

You and your skin deserve so much more, especially after years of staying out in the sun, not wearing moisturizer or nitpicking and literally picking on your acne. Years of these practices damage the skin – but it only takes five to twenty minutes to slowly restore skin health. The time for that is definitely now.

Squeezing a quick skin care time at the start and end of the day is meditative as you take that full twenty minutes for yourself – giving you time for contentment, self-examination, and peace. At this time, you would find how satisfying it is to love and be kind to your skin.

Don’t know where to start? We have prepared a little self-love through skincare checklist for you to slowly tick.

Do you remember when your mom tells you to drink daily your eight glasses of water? She has a pretty good reason why water keeps bodily functions in place. Drinking enough water keeps the skin at bay by retaining moisture and hydration, replenishing skin tissue and increasing elasticity. It is also through drinking enough water can you combat skin disorders as it improves the digestive system’s function of flushing out toxins.

Skincare time is also a time for a little calm and luxury. In this fast-paced age when we are called to be go-getters, time for the self is something you need to take seriously. This does not mean, however, that you should go and spend heaps of money on expensive skincare products. This personal ritual targets both your health and pleasure so it is best to get products that are fit for your skin type. Skin products work best if it suits your skin type, letting you enjoy their maximum benefits. Go the extra mile by getting products formulated and tested by dermatologists to make sure these are customized for the skin type, reliable, effective and safe skin care products.

Taking care of oneself does include a little vanity – So go ahead and book that facial procedure which you always wanted to try. You already have your natural glow but there is more underneath that needs to be shown – to give your skin its needed exfoliation, lift and moisture. Facials also make the skin products you use work and penetrate better in your skin.

Skin care also means taking an advanced step by letting a dermatologist assess your skin. But before popping in a clinic, sit down in front of the mirror and take notes of what you see prior to a consultation. Self-love starts by seeing your physical flaws and embracing them – well before you get rid of these. Take note of what part of your skin bothers you for the dermatologist would want to know which skin issues you want to address.

Self-love is something that does not come naturally; it is a choice you make and keep. Spending as much money and time you can afford for yourself does not hurt. Improving the state of your skin is as important when you want to improve your outlook in life. This month, make love bloom – for yourself.