When it comes to appearance, we look at two things – the skin and hair. Just as one can overdo their skincare, that goes the same with hair care. Let us be honest, we simply do anything for luscious hair that oftentimes, the number of products we use for the hair to keep it luminous, shiny and smelling really good may be doing it more harm than good. Additionally, we could be too hard on our hair – constant pulling and brushing, frequently using styling tools, leading an unhealthy lifestyle and even wallowing in stress.

Before you go and grab any over-the-counter products with keratin or hair repair claims, why not try taking a trip down to a dermatology clinic for professional care for your hair. Alongside skin, hair is one of the body parts that dermatologists look into making sure it is in tip-top shape.

Keep your hair in check and healthy with Dermclinic’s Haircial treatment. This is particularly designed for treating hair fall, hair thinning and dandruff. Haircial cleanses the hair and scalp, control flakes and dandruff.

This treatment is also a relaxing feat as it marries health and pampering in one for its massage method that improves blood circulation to relieve tension on the head, stimulate hair growth, and promote mental function.

The hair needs its source of nutrients because it is simply not the body’s main focus (before we complain – the heart, liver, lungs, and brain must come first), that is why Haircial is a perfect treatment in keeping the hair healthy.

Book an appointment now; it will not take a whole afternoon to give your hair its needed TLC!