Skin care and makeup have been staples for women’s beauty regimen – oftentimes preferring one over the other or balancing both.

Here are simple insights to help you grasp why skincare is more essential than makeup:

1. Skincare makes you understand your skin

Having your skin checked by a trusted dermatologist puts you in the know of your skin type, color and skin problems that may arise. This puts us in a deeper relationship with the skin we own, the skin that we are liable for. This also allows the creation of a personalized regimen using skin products suitable for your skin.

2. Skincare is an investment

Skincare is more of self-care than vanity – and your skin will thank you for it. Investing on products or treatments that work for your skin or those that targets your blemishes prevents future or further damage. It takes time, effort and even lots of money, but this is a little sacrifice to achieve beautiful skin that lasts longer than your foundation. This is an investment that screams “aging beautifully.”

3. Skincare addresses and does not only cover up blemishes

Ever felt you have been applying too much concealer yet your blemishes still shows? It’s time to go to the root cause. There are skin products or treatments that target your skin problems which is a more proactive approach to beauty. If you are doing skincare but it does not work, you are doing it improperly or using the wrong products – seek help from a trusted dermatologist. If anything, skincare makes you wear your makeup better.

4. Beautiful on the get-go

Skincare is the new makeup. Even celebrities have donned the look, appearing on red carpets and runways barefaced but glowing.

Readily beautiful skin that is moisturized and glowing from the moment you wake up saves you time and effort. Can you visualize yourself reaching for the sunscreen or moisturizer and dabbing some tint for color before leaving the house? #LessHassle

5. Skincare makes you feel good in your own skin

Before anything else, it is good to love our flaws for these make us unique. But it is also highly encouraged to take a logical approach – let professionals take a look at the flaws, especially those that bothers you. These may be caused by bacteria or chemicals that are harming your skin.

Your skin represents you for a lifetime, so you should not brush it aside. With the right treatment and proper skincare, your flaws will be a thing of your past. Remember, healthy and glowing skin is always in!